While managing e–mail messages is a simple and easy process, managing the mailboxes for any website could be a tiresome procedure. Except, if you possess a straightforward user interface, such as the E Mail Accounts Manager to help you get the job done. It has an abundance of built–in useful software tools that can help you perform complex duties within a few clicks of your computer mouse. Check out everything that the E Mail Accounts Manager is able to do to suit your needs!


Created to maintain spam away from you

No one wants junk e–mail within the email account. Because of this, we’ve made a custom anti–spam solution based on expertly designed techniques that filter out inbound e–mail messages and keep the junk away.

You may choose between numerous levels of protection, according to what kind of junk messages you receive. Moreover, you are able to identify a special level of spam protection for several mailboxes. Lastly, you can choose what occurs to emails marked as spam – to be removed or sent to a particular email address.

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Email Forwarding

Redirect e–mails with only a click

Email forwarding is among the most applied instruments in the E Mail Accounts Manager and so, we have done our best for it to be as simple as possible. What you need to do is simply decide on the email that you would like to use and define the mailbox in which you want the newly arriving messages to get sent to.

Also, you can pick if the forwarded mailbox must also maintain e–mails, or if they need to be wiped right after being forwarded.

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Email Filters

Organize your mailboxes without trouble

If you get a good amount of emails each and every day, it’s important to have them sorted. This is why we provide server–side electronic mail filters that come into action before you look at your mailbox for new emails. Consequently, when you set up your unique spam filters, you won’t ever find spam inside your mailbox!

Creating new email filters is really uncomplicated. You will need to define what the filter has to seek out, the spot that the filter looks for it (subject, body, etc.) and what transpires with the filtered e–mails.

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