The Hepsia hosting CP is an advanced tool, which will offer you total control over your sites, domain names and payments through an intuitive and easy-to-use web interface. It is an in-house built tool and we have used a lot of good ideas sent by our clients through the years, in order to make Hepsia as simple to use as possible. It's an all-in-one platform where you could manage renewal payments and invoices, domain name registrations and records, files, databases, e-mails and stats. Hepsia is suitable both for consumers without any experience and for more advanced users, and each of its sections includes detailed video tutorials and help articles. Via quick-access buttons and right-click menus, you will find a lot of additional functions, that will make the management of your web presence even swifter and easier. Due to the fact that Hepsia was created to run on its own servers, it won't take any system resources from your own server.

Hepsia CP with unlimited domains and no root access in VPS Servers

Hepsia is the Control Panel included with our shared hosting plans, but we've chosen to add it among the Control Panels that are offered with the VPS server solutions also, to provide you with the chance to benefit from the VPS’s resources even in case you don't have preceding experience or technical skills. Certainly, managing a VPS with Hepsia is basically the same as controlling a shared account and you can manage plan renewals, domain address registrations, payment invoices, databases, e-mails and statistics from one single place. You will also be able to handle your content through SSH if needed, although the command line options that you shall have will be more restricted. A Hepsia-equipped VPS brings together simple management with the processing power which a virtual hosting server delivers.

Hepsia CP with unlimited domains and no root access in Dedicated Servers

If you select one of the dedicated servers we offer, you shall be able to select the Hepsia hosting CP coupled with Debian - one of the OS choices on the signup page. As this is the same CP provided with our shared hosting solutions, you will be able to make use of the power of the dedicated hosting server and to regulate everything as if you’re managing a typical shared account. There isn't any limit on the amount of domains you can include as hosted on the server and Hepsia will permit you to manage each of them effortlessly in one location through a user-friendly interface. Since you'll also have the ability to renew the plan and to look at any support tickets that you’ve opened, you will never need to switch between different systems to perform a specific task. If needed, you'll also be able to connect to the hosting server via SSH and to perform different operations with your files and databases, even though the options you will have will be more limited when compared with a server with a different CP.